Today, due to the wide spread of the shopping sector and the online shopping via the internet, a great momentum has been achieved in both domestic and foreign trade. As Najm Al Sahra, we are a large international company that largely responds to the market demand in this field. Our company, which knows no competitors in our field, has managed to become the most preferred cargo company in the domestic market as well as in the field of foreign trade.
As Najm Al Sahra, we carry out all kinds of transportation in the import and export sector and deliver them safely to their destinations. The prestige of our business, which stands out with its safe and quality service, especially in the products exported from our country to the international platform, is constantly increasing.
As Najm Al Sahra, within the framework of our vision of establishment, we have services such as pick-up from address, delivery to address, online cargo tracking, sms information at the time of transaction to the buyer, foreign trade transportation, delivery information to the sender when the product is delivered, and these services are processed immediately. As a company, we carry out legal work and provide both national and international export and import cargo equipment services.
As Najm Al Sahra family, we provide our services to hundreds of customers on time and ensure the delivery of the work we receive on the day and time because the delivery process of the product is very important in the foreign trade market. Especially imported products make the fastest entry into our country thanks to our company. The most important stage of our service is to ensure customer satisfaction and we show the importance of safe transportation to our customers by arranging invoices for each cargo we receive.