Najm Al Sahra, which is a part of Sahra Group, aims to guarantee its customers quality and best service.



One of our business partners, Sahra Group, has a wide customer portfolio in its focus market in North Africa. Sahra Group has become one of the strongest companies in the region thanks to the quality service provided for years, especially in Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan and Chad. Sahra Group has a very high brand value in the region, working based on trust due to the regional conditions and completing the projects it has made in the market perfectly.


With its experienced and wide professional staff, Akkor Tekstil has increased its working volume by constantly improving and renewing itself since its establishment. Print the exports were mainly working-faceted contribution to the efforts that the country's economy Incandescent always Textile name to the list of Turkey's biggest exporter.


As 4M Logistics, every product exported from the country is delivered to the end point at the promised time. 4M Logistics, which succeeded in surpassing its competitors in the international platform, brings import products from abroad to our country as well as export products. As 4M Logistics, it has managed to develop in big countries such as Morocco, Algeria and Libya and carried out the safest transportation of import products to our country from every point of this place.